Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 5 questions to ask when booking a wedding venue

Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 5 questions to ask when booking a wedding venue

As the hint of summer approaches, many couples are ecstatic that the Lockdown restrictions are, at long last, beginning to relax. As the days get brighter and wedding venues start to throw open their doors, many couples are enjoying a new found energy for their wedding planning. But, even post-lockdown, there are many things to take into consideration when planning your wedding. To help you, here are 5 questions to ask the wedding venues that you have on your shortlist. 

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Anxious Wedding Guests? Here’s how to help your uncomfortable guests feel comfortable. 

Even at the best of times, agreeing on your guest list can be an arduous task. This year brides and grooms around the UK may also be wrestling with restricted numbers while finalising their list of family and friends. But, as your exquisite wedding invitations pop into expectant post boxes – we need to be aware that there could be some anxious wedding invitees that may be unsure whether to RSVP, “Yes!” or to instead, decline and stay safely at home.

So, what should you do? Ask the wedding venue what Covid 19 safety protocols are in place and find out if they comply with a recognised Covid 19 Industry Standard, such as Visit Britains “We’re Good To Go”. Then, assure your guests that the wedding venue observes all Government and Public Health guidelines and have clear processes in place. 

Ongoing Covid worries are real! But providing protocol information to your guests upfront will help alleviate their concerns and questions. Share information with your guests around social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitiser stations, the number of guests in attendance, whether the wedding will be inside or outside, food preparation and service (and even how your reception seating will be arranged).

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                  What’s the backup plan? Wedding venue booking flexibility

The requirement for ongoing date flexibility still remains in 2021. The great news is vaccines are being rolled out thick and fast and many couples are looking forward to this year’s wedding season with renewed hope. However, as the last year has taught us, to err on the side of caution is (without a doubt) the best way to arm yourself to help mitigate curveballs. 

Ask the wedding venue about their Postponements, Cancellation and Backup Date policies. It would also help if you have three or four potential wedding dates in mind (perhaps chat with your family and friends to see what dates suit them as well). This way you’ll be able to book your wedding date with backup dates already discussed and pencilled in, just in case. 

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Planning, coordination and reassurance. Does the venue have an in-house Wedding Coordinator?

The wedding season ahead is sure to be an exciting one. The world has been through a lot and the chance to reconnect and celebrate this summer with our loved ones is just what we need. Now is the time to really enjoy organising your special day. It’s not the time to slip into wedding planning overwhelm! Ask the wedding venue if they have an in-house Wedding Coordinator who will act as your ‘go-to’ person throughout the planning process and on the day. 

The Wedding Coordinator is there to provide expert guidance – advising you of the best suppliers, your timings and schedules for the day and being an endless source of information and inspiration, armed with lots of exciting ideas for your wedding. They will also be on hand to ensure the venue is prepared to your vision as well as providing full wedding day management.

                              Does the wedding venue have a list of approved suppliers?

You’ve fallen in love with a wedding venue – but that is just where the journey begins. You now need specialist suppliers who can answer your vision boards and create your wedding in the unique wedding venue space you have chosen. Chat with the wedding venue (or their in-house Wedding Coordinator) and find out about their recommended local suppliers, or even better, get their approved supplier partner list. 

From Photographers to Florists and celebration cake Bakers, these suppliers will be experts in their field and will already have in-depth knowledge of the different indoor and outdoor spaces at your chosen venue (and of course experience with collaborating and working with the wedding venue team).

                            The wedding day is over, but is it really time to go home?

The upcoming wedding season is going to be truly special. Many couples will finally be seeing family and friends that they may not have seen for well over a year. These wedding days will be filled with emotion, celebration and reconnection. So, when the final song plays at your wedding reception, is the party really over? Find out from the wedding venue about on-site accommodation for you and your guests (it’s no fun wrapping up a day of celebration with your nearest and dearest, only for them to have to travel home or to off-site accommodation). 

If your venue does offer on-site accommodation, consider extending the celebrations and hosting a weekend wedding. This will allow you to enjoy a welcome dinner on the Friday evening ahead of your wedding and some gentle farewells after breakfast on the Sunday morning.

How can we help you with your wedding planning? Our in-house Wedding Coordinator, Jessica, is ready to answer your questions and share her advice and guidance with you.

Images by: Camilla Arnhold Photography // C. Walker Photography 

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